Davide Bigucci winegrower


The art of wine making: a family fervour

The history of the estate Podere Vecciano begins in the early 90’s when Davide Bigucci together with his father Enio – from whom he inherited his devotion to the land and to the world of wine– bought a farm located on Vecciano hills.
From hence Davide started to develop his knowledge on vine-dressing; dedicated to making wines that reflect the unique character and quality of the vineyards, he strives to understand the needs and opportunities presented by each specific terroir and microclimate.

Agronomo Podere Vecciano
Remigio Bordini Agronomo

Living and working in symbiosis with Nature soon became his mission and he started applying organic and biodynamic farming.

When Davide’s wife, Catia, joined him the family run concern was officially named Podere Vecciano Farm, thus reminding theyr never neglected country roots. Hand-selected properties were purchased for their estate vineyard program and huge investments were made in building the new environmentally friendly winery.

This is how they do thing today: slowly but surely, lovingly and carefully. It’s about mixing tradition with the now, progressing but withholding, being commercially viable but maintaining integrity.

Today Podere Vecciano is a nature lab devoted to grow and produce wines of consistent, world-class quality that express their unique heritage in the truest sense of terroir.

Azienda Vecciano - vendemmia
Azienda Podere Vecciano