The wine that loves Earth

Podere Vecciano loves nature and his land,. We not only adhere to strict regulations by our certifying bodies, but are always looking at long term sustainability on the estate rather than quick fixes: we follow the natural vineyards cycles, take care of the grapes quality and make wine with the utmost attention and passion.

The art of wine making has seen a big change both in fashions and in styles with wines that are certainly well made; yet they all seem homologated, easy to be copied and quite often lacking personality.

On the contrary Davide Bigucci is dedicated to making wines that reflect the unique character and quality of the vineyards and strives to understand the needs and opportunities presented by this specific terroir of Romagna. By approaching each vineyard block individually he is producing wines that please the most demanding wine-lover.

Our philosophy merges values like family and tradition with our love for nature, human relationships and customer satisfaction as well as the comfort and well-being of our guests. Our care and our effort are continuously aiming to preserve the natural setting and achieve uncompromising wine quality while maintaining the fullest respect for man and nature.

Filosofia Podere Vecciano


To this day organic farming blessed our work with great satisfaction as it restored a land free from chemical compounds;  now we are deeply convinced that further implementing biodynamic production will restore the soil to the highest standards and recover its primordial fertility. We believe this is the solely way to get back a farming style that maybe does not exist anymore

Bottle – Packaging: a clean image

In order to contribute to a better eco-sustainability Podere Vecciano only uses bottles made from light and recycled glass, non polluting biodegradable corks, recyclable paper for the labels and recyclable cardboard for the bottle boxes.

Due to their low environmental impact these materials help reducing the carbon dioxide emissions.