Products of Podere Vecciano

Wines Le Opere

From the vineyards, run in a balanced harmonious manner, the grapes  obtained reach the winery, where they are vinified with precision, respect and care, in order to enable them to best express their character and quality, resulting in the prestigious selection “Le Opere”, wines with great personality – a true expression of the area they come from.

Wines Le Terre

Areas of land with special soil characteristics have been selected from around the farm’s estates, ideal for vineyards of native grape varieties and a few international cultivars, all tended with great care.

The grapes from these vineyards are used in our “Le Terre” range of wines, made to be young, spontaneous and sincere, bringing you the authentic flavours of our countryside.

Our Grappa

Our grappa – we only produce two types – has its roots in Romagna and its core in Trentino. It’s the result of a chance meeting that turned up to be a very lucky one between Davide Bigucci and Giuliano Pisoni: wine grower and wine maker the former, famous maker of outstanfing grappa the latter.

Thus perseverance and tenacity together with exchange of views and experiences, and with mutual trust, brought to friendly relations exceeding the usual business relations, and  which still exist. Today Davide sorts out the best marcs to be delivered to the Mastri Distillatori Pisoni where they are treated with competence, love and respect.  That’s why our grappa are elegant to the nose and soft to the palate.

Extra Vergin Olive Oil

Our extra virgin olive oil is the fruits of our labours, commitments and researches: it’s an organic food to which we give our full care and dedication. It is obtained from our own handpicked olives (usually in early October) when they have reached their peak. They are taken to the oil mill within short time and are cold-pressed (at a temperature that never exceeds 30 °C) within hours of harvest to capture the true characteristics of this prized fruit and to ensure an olive oil that is low in acidity.

What we get is an outstanding extra virgin olive oil which is naturally green in colour with yellow reflections, an intense aroma, a good balance and excellent after taste. It is then bottled and kept in a dry fresh place, safe from sunlight; like any other products from Podere Vecciano it can be tasted at our premises: drizzle a few drops “crudo” over “crostini”.