Coriano hills


Vecciano, a land devoted to wine growing

The estate Podere Vecciano is part of a territory very rich in history, from Etruscans to Romans to the Malatesta family. Here countless castles and small villages are spread  on the mountain slopes  offering the visitor a landscape of vineyards, olive groves, fields, thickest and bird’s-eye view overlooking the Adriatic sea.

From archives of Rimini Riviera

In this area vine growing dates back to Roman times, and when the colony of Ariminum (Rimini) was settled it became very important as testified by the large quantity of bottom-flat amphorae made by the lime kilns situated around Rimini and found in various archeologic sites of the Mediterranean ports: Athens, Ostia, in Libya and Aegean isles.
In this corner of Romagna people care deeply for the land and its values, and Podere Vecciano aims to take part in backing these great memories through its wines.